Bungee Jump Rentals

This amazing Bungee Jump flings you 25ft in the air as you jump and flip on the inflated trampolines. This fun and exciting ride truly gives you the sensation of being weightless. It’s 100% safe and 200% fun. Experience the adrenaline rush of a bungee jump, as you perform gravity-defying moves.

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Hamster Ball Rentals

Welcome to the wacky world of Hamster ball racing. Challenge your friends to one of the most insane races you’ll ever experience. The larger ball stands 8 foot tall after it has been inflated. Our 6 foot ball is perfectly suited for the smaller tumblers. It’s like running on a cushion of air, and safe for all ages. Once you get inside you’ll understand the term “human hamster ball”. Enhance the fun with a race track rental today!

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Rock Wall Rentals

Our 4 person portable Rock Wall is a perfect fit for any climbing enthusiasts. It has 4 different climbing paths that you can try out, some easy some more difficult. Auto belays are good for up to 180 pound climbers. Perfect for events of any size like Carnivals, Festivals, Schools, Churches, Corporate Events, Private Parties and more. 

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Experience the adrenaline rush of Bungee Jumping!

Double back flips or try a front flip. Jump, spin, and get the feeling of weightlessness. The Bungee is the hit of every event!

Make your party memorable.

This amazing attraction allows everyone from 20lbs to 180lbs, the thrills of jumping and flipping up to heights of 25 feet in the air, giving you the sensation of being weightless.

There’s nothing like it on earth! Our Bungee Jump is capable of jumping one person or up to four at the same time.

Hamster Balls

Welcome to the world of Zorbing!

Climb in one of our huge 8 or 6 foot spheres and run, jump, race, and spin your way to a great party. These Giant Zorb Balls also known as Human Hamster Balls, are a fun, family friendly and affordable activity.

Children and adults love playing in these soft and safe balls. The rider feels like they are floating on air. Race your friends around our new epic race track! The race track is a fun-filled 80 foot long oval track, ready to take on the competition!

Hamster Balls can be set up almost anywhere there is an open, level grassy area such as a park or back yard.

Indoor parties are also possible in a large recreation room.

Rock Walls

How High can you Climb?

Challenge yourself on our 24 foot portable Rock Wall. It’s challenging yet practical for young children and adults.

Our Rock Wall is unique, allowing four children to climb at a time and experience different levels of climbing skills.

We have trained and caring attendants that encourage young climbers to reach their climbing potential.

For birthday parties and other events we can organize timed races or money grab challenges to keep the high energy rolling.



Imagine the excitement of jumping two stories high, over and over again.  This attraction will be the one that everyone talks about at your next event! Hands down, it’s exhilarating for the whole family!


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At BUNGEE FUN, our trained and caring attendants strive to help ensure your event is special and memorable. Every event no matter how big or small is treated and run as if it were for my own family.

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