Frequently Asked Questions

What is your delivery area?

Port Saint Lucie to Ft Lauderdale. Free delivery within 20 miles of Jupiter, FL. Additional costs may be applied for events outside of 20 miles.

What is included with delivery?

1-4 attendants depending upon the number of units rented for the Bungee. 1 or 2 attendants for the Rock Wall, and 1 attendant for the Hamster Balls. Tents can be included at an additional charge.

What size area is required to accommodate the Bungee Jump?

25’ x 25’ minimum.

What size area is required for the Rock Wall?

For trailer placement and maneuvering 10’ x 30’ area is needed for tow vehicle and Rock Wall.

What size area is needed for the Hamster Balls?

Bigger the better, A minimum area of 20’ x 60’.

What types of surfaces can the Rock Wall and Bungee be set up on?

Asphalt, or preferably grass.

How much electricity does each unit use? What type of power source is needed?

The Bungee Jump requires 2 different 110vt outlets (or generator available at extra cost).

The Rock Wall doesn’t require electricity except for night time lights if required.

The Hamster Balls can be inflated with 110vt or a gas powered blower (supplied).

What prep should I do before the rental arrives?

Make sure you have at least 8 feet of clearance leading to Setup Location. Turn off automatic sprinklers. Do not water grass the night before. Pick up all animal feces.

Can you set up in county parks?

Yes, we have our insurance on file with most municipalities, and if we don’t for your area, getting permission is usually easy.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

If you cancel within the 48 hour time, we hold your deposit. Your deposit is redeemable and will be applied toward future booking up to 90 days after the canceled event. There are no refunds due to weather related changes after Bungee Fun operation is set up.

What method of payment do you accept for rentals?

Cash, check or PayPal. Paypal can be sent to

Do you require a deposit to reserve an inflatable?

Yes, for most events a $100.00 deposit is requested.

How close do you need to get to the event site?

The Bungee Jump can be pushed through short grass if needed.

The Rock Wall must be towed by vehicle to its placement area.

The Truck carrying the Hamster Balls must be within 25” of grassy event area.

How long is setup?

Bungee takes one hour, Rock wall takes 15 minutes, and zorbs or human hamster balls take about 20 minutes to setup.